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Solutions - Policy Management Software

Policy Management Software

The cornerstone of an effective compliance program is a complete, accessible policy management software solution. Compliance 360’s policy management software can help you automate the life-cycle management of policies and procedures while significantly reducing your overhead and administrative costs. Our offering includes a policy management software solution with capabilities such as automatic email reminders, easy keyword searching and customized workflow for collaboration and approval activities. Other key features of the policy management software solution include the ability to monitor activities through version control, full audit trail capabilities, as well as surveys of your employees to ensure they have read and understand each policy. With the policy management software, policies and procedures are organized and linked to the regulations that impact your business enabling you to provide real-time evidence of compliance for audits.

With Compliance 360 Policy Management software, you can:

  • Ensure that policies are kept current, and reflect compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Centralize policies and procedures for a more orderly and accurate system.
  • Ensure policies and procedures are easily and consistently reviewed, approved, and published.
  • Provide easy, secure access to policies and procedures anytime, anywhere, in less time.
  • Communicate policies and procedures efficiently across the enterprise and hold employees accountable for awareness and understanding.
  • Standardize the overall management and review processes across the organization and share best practices among departments and divisions.
  • Improve management and executive visibility to areas of risk related to insufficient policies and potential compliance gaps.
  • Always be “audit ready” by linking policies and procedures to applicable laws and regulations as evidence of compliance in support of audits.

Click here to view a demonstration of Compliance 360’s Policy Management software.

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