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Solutions - Incident Management Software

Incident Management Software

Establishing an effective incident management and reporting process is critical to the success of a corporate compliance management and ethics program. Whether incidents occur in the form of adverse events, ethics violations, security or privacy violations, or potential fraud, an organization’s ability to create a consistent and effective intake and resolution process is imperative for proper risk management and proof of compliance.   Awareness of incidents can originate from multiple sources such as hotline calls, emails, verbal communication and hand-written notes, and in many cases, these communications are managed across multiple departments using different approaches.  The Incident management software in Compliance 360 establishes a standard system for incident intake and automates incident management activities facilitating collaboration on incidents and tracking the progress of investigations.   

With Compliance 360 Incident Management software, you can:

  • Manage a wide variety of issues such as fraud hotline tips, potential fraud and abuse occurrences, audit findings and legal cases.
  • Centralize incident management for a comprehensive, orderly and accurate system.
  • Track the status of incident investigations.
  • Record resolution actions for compliance reporting and audits.
  • Automate investigation processes, task assignments and reminders using workflow capabilities.
  • Create unique workflow processes for different types of incidents.
  • Securely store sensitive incident information and related documentation.
  • Link incident investigations to applicable regulations providing evidence of compliance and supporting an “audit ready” state.
  • Monitor incidents and trends with a variety of configurable reports and online dashboards.

Click here to view a demonstration of Compliance 360’s Incident Management software.

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