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Using Technology to Ensure an Effective GRC Program

Can You H.E.A.R?

Hold everyone accountable for their part in the process?
Easily access a central repository of critical documents, like contracts, policies, and assessments?
Automatically link critical documents and activities within, or outside, of your organization?
Receive automatic notifications of stalls within your process and/or new laws and regulations?

Regardless of your specific program objectives, the above-referenced represents common challenges of those with compliance and risk responsibilities.  Big Data and other issues around information make technology a requirement for organizations, especially those in highly regulated industries.  After identifying your organization’s governance, risk, and compliance challenges, you are in a better position to understand your organization’s functionality requirements when it comes to selecting a GRC vendor. 

Now extended through May 2015, SAI Global Compliance will host an educational program titled “Using Technology to Ensure an Effective GRC Program”.  SAI will partner with various industry players to provide timely information about ways to best leverage technology to take an offensive stance to regulatory changes, training and audits, while creating transparency and efficiency. During this program we will offer guidance and resources specific to policy management, social media and communications. During February we will host events focused on HOLDING EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE.

Be sure to join our mailing list to receive invitations to future, free webinars and events such as the one below.

Below are a list of the complimentary programs and assets that are available for download. During the month of February we will focus on the "H" of the "HEAR" campaign which is "Holding everyone accountable for their part in the process". Check back for weekly updates!

Live Webinar

April 14, 2015

Medical Claims Audits and Denials: Top Things to Know to Get Your Claims Paid!(CEUs awarded)

Presenters: Day Egusquiza and Valerie Barckhoff


Live Webinar

April 23, 2015

Shades of Gray - Conquering Complexity and Uncertainty in the World of Compliance and Ethics

Presenter: Toby Groves


Webinar Replay


Holding Everyone Accountable for their Part of the Compliance Program

Presenter: Valerie Barckhoff, Principal, Windham Brannon


CEUs Available

REPLAY: Selecting the Best GRC Solution for Your Organization:
Identifying Key Functionality

Presenter: Valerie Barckhoff, Principal, Windham Brannon


CEUs Available

REPLAY:Selecting the Best HIPAA Technology for Your Organization: Identify Key Features and Functionalities

Presenter: Jay Trinckes, President/CEO, Eagle Trace Security Consulting



DEMO REPLAY: Using GRC Technology to Demonstrate an Effective Program
An Online Product Demonstration showing how our GRC software is being used to ensure an effective compliance program. Trainer offers a scenario "Day in the Life of a Compliance Officer"



Compliance & Ethics Training and Awareness
Largest library of topics delivered via short video-based ethical awareness tools in a variety of online and offline formats. 

Learn More

Industry Analyst Report

SAI Global Delivering Effective Compliance Solutions and Architecture  by Michael Rasmussen, GRC 20/20


Product Brochure

Using GRC Software to Demonstrate Compliance
Software functionality mapped to the OIG’s 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program


Analyst Review

HealthPlus Wins 2013 GRC Award for Investigations Managment
Learn how they used technology to reduce average days to complete investigations cases by 56%

Learn More


Based on this past SCCE Conference, where Kirsten Liston of SAI Global presented on the topic Tone from the Middle, GRC professionals are certain that technology is required to effectively carry out their responsibilities.  Many have reported being unclear as to which tools are ideal for their culture and specific goals.  During a time when compliance officers have personal risk exposure coupled with the goal to protect their organization from penalties and negative exposure, the automation and consistency offered by software technology is essential.

What’s the challenge?
For many organizations, moving beyond a “paper” compliance program to the ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of the compliance program presents significant challenges. These challenges include:

  • Multiple, disparate systems for collecting and managing information
  • Lack of resources compounded by manual, labor-intensive processes
  • Lack of confidence in existing training content and deliverability methods
  • Lack of visibility into compliance risk across the organization
  • Inability to provide assurance to board or regulators regarding the organization’s state of compliance   
  • Inability to hold everyone accountable for their part in the process                

What’s the SAI Global Compliance/Risk Management Solution?

Whether you are looking to manage policies for a regional hospital or manage an enterprise-wide GRC program for a financial services with global reach, you can create a compliance audit and risk management solution that is scalable to meet your needs. SAI Global Compliance’s solution is built around a comprehensive understanding of the components of an effective GRC program.

Some of our clients begin by licensing one solution (i.e. incident management, policy management, conflict of interest) to solve an immediate problem.  Then later decide to include other departments/functions, like internal audit, to leverage solutions relevant to their roles while providing a common platform which gives them the ability to link relevant activities, documents and policies to effectively prove compliance.   Other clients purchased suites, or bundles, based on more enterprise-wide goals.  For example SAI's Third Party Risk Management solution include tools for the management of contracts, policies & procedures, projects and incidents as well as dashboards, customizable workflows and savvy reporting.  Training & awareness videos are leveraged to reinforce your compliance message to your third parties by using everyday examples. Clients typically send policies and training videos to contractors and vendors as a major step in their Third Party Risk Management / Vendor Compliance program.

All modules and suites include the Virtual Evidence Room™ which is an SAI Global Compliance Signature feature within their GRC software that links all policies, activities and documents to to specific laws, regulations and guidelines - now that's how you prove compliance!

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